Compressed Earth ecoBlocks Custom Home Built by Colorado Springs Owner-Builder. Save Money on Energy!

This Colorado Springs-area first-time Owner-Builder wanted to build what HE wanted not what your typical contractor wanted. So, this college professor decided to take this contracting game into his own hands. Here’s how he built his compressed earth ecoBlock highly efficient custom home using the Owner-Builder Program at HomeWrights Custom Homes!

He hired HomeWrights to coach, consult and guide him as his own general contractor. Bill signed up for this unique Program so he could build this amazingly energy efficient home the way he wanted and keep his budget under control.

This energy efficient custom home just north of Colorado Springs is managed by HomeWrights Project Manager, Bryan Fujimoto. Want to learn more? Call him in our Colorado Springs office at 719-344-8125. 

Watch Bill’s story here…


Be the builder! Save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and get the EXACT home you’ve been dreaming of. 

Luxury homes, duplexes, mountain homes, energy efficient homes, ADUs, and every kind of custom home you can imagine, we’re here to help!

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Why HomeWrights Custom Homes? 

Every custom home is unique and HomeWright’s has a team of professional builders to partner with you as you build wealth for your future by acting as your own custom home builder.

Whether you’re taking advantage of our Owner-Builder program or our Turnkey approach to building your custom home, recognizing the importance of setting goals and having clear intentions will make that journey towards your dream home a lot smoother! 

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