Best Custom Home Builders Hawaii Style!

The best custom home builders in Hawaii are people like YOU! HomeWrights Custom Homes is now serving the Hawaiian islands with our unique Owner-Builder process. Hawaiian real estate comes at a premium and when a revolutionary way to save money on construction comes along, it’s worth taking a closer look. HomeWrights offers something that is simple, different, and better. We’ve created a truly revolutionary way to build. 

How to Save $200,000 or More on a Custom Home 

We’ve been saving people a lot of money with our unique construction process for over 20 years. When you act as your own general contractor you avoid the typical builder markup and put that savings to better use! When you save this kind of money you can build more, save more, and enjoy more! The amount you save is based on your square footage, not the cost of the materials. Call us to learn more! 

Can Custom Home Builders Be Affordable in Hawaii?

Even in the beautiful Hawaiian islands you can save a lot of money with our unique construction strategies. Learn how eliminating the middleman and acting as your own general contractor can save you a lot of money and give you the power to build exactly what you want! Whether this is your forever waterfront home or your very first starter home, you don’t need to lift a hammer – you just need to lift your phone and call HomeWrights Custom Homes to learn more.

Custom Home Builder Options in Hawaii

We believe the best custom home builder in the islands is YOU! If you’re the kind of person who knows exactly what you want and recognizes quality when you see it, then your best choice is to act as your own general contractor. But we also offer choices. Our Owner-Builder process is ideal for those that want to save money and are good at managing others and can communicate effectively. Our Turnkey option gives you much more control, flexibility, and transparency than any other builder offers but we’ll manage the entire process from start to finish. Either way, you’ll end up with the home of your dreams at a budget YOU decide!

How Much Work Involved in Being the Builder in Hawaii?

Of course, there’s work involved when you act as the builder but it could also turn out to be one of the best paying/most rewarding part time jobs you’ve ever had! We have clients tell us that often! Most of our clients put in between 10 and 20 hours a week as their own project manager.


How to Find the Top Custom Home Builder in Hawaii

There are plenty of lot of good custom builders in the Hawaiian islands but if you really want to build a custom home where you want, the way you want, at the price YOU decide, then consider being the builder yourself! Our Owner-Builder clients don’t need to know how to run that table saw or solder those wires. What they DO need to know is how the Owner-Builder process by HomeWrights Custom Homes works.

There’s no obligation so give us a call or fill out the form on this page. We’ll never share your info with anyone outside of our company.

Marshal LeMoine Operations Manager NM, TX

Marshal LeMoine – Owner/Operations Manager, New Mexico, Texas, and Hawaii

Marshal oversees both the Owner-Builder Program and the Turnkey Program of HomeWrights Custom Homes. Now you can build what YOU want, the way you want, at the budget YOU decide – with a little help from HomeWrights.

Whether you’re in Austin, Dallas, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or anywhere in the Hawaiian islands, Marshal LeMoine is there to help you build that custom home EXACTLY the way you want at the budget YOU decide. Be the builder! Learn more about Marshal, here. 

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