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Best Custom Home Builders in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas!

For over 20 years, we’ve known YOU are the BEST custom home builder! With no construction experience, the software engineer below is acting as his own general contractor and will save $300,000 +! 

Be The General Contractor – Cut Out The Middleman 

Keep building costs down, lower your mortgage payments, avoid contractor markup, and get the custom home you’ve dreamed of by acting as your own general contractor.

If you can manage a checkbook, keep a calendar, and communicate effectively you’ll succeed as an Owner-Builder. 

HomeWrights Custom Homes Now Serving: 

Meet Marshal LeMoine – Owner/Operations Manager, New Mexico and Texas

Marshal LeMoine Operations Manager NM, TXMarshal oversees both the Owner-Builder Program and the Turnkey Program of HomeWrights Custom Homes. Now you can build what YOU want, the way you want, at the budget YOU decide – with a little help from HomeWrights.

Whether you’re in Austin, Dallas, Albuquerque, or Santa Fe, Marshal LeMoine is there to help you build that custom home EXACTLY the way you want at the budget YOU decide. Be the builder! Learn more about Marshal, here. 

CHOICE 1: Money Saving Owner-Builder Program

Our unique Owner-Builder Program provides you the building expertise, construction techniques, suppliers, vetted subcontractors, systems, paperwork, and process needed to be your own builder! AND we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. See what our clients say on our Reviews page.

CHOICE 2: Time-Saving Turnkey Program

With the Turnkey Program you’ll quickly see how our estimating and bookkeeping processes are open and transparent. You’ll know how dollars are spent and exactly what things cost as your custom home project progresses. No surprises – just a great custom home. Turn the key and walk in!


Choose The Best Building Approach For You…

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Giving YOU Custom Home Choices for Over 20 Years! 

Over the last two decades, we’ve helped over 400 families act as their own general contractors and build their own custom homes. But being the Owner-Builder is not for everyone. That’s why we offer our traditional, Turnkey custom home building method as well.

Our Turnkey approach provides a superb custom home building experience and a magnificent result without you having to lift a finger. Watch the videos on the Turnkey page to how it worked for them. 

We pride ourselves in providing a completely transparent and open-book approach. We offer a vast array of options and rock-solid experience to our clients.  Call us to find out more (303) 756-8870.

“HomeWrights helped us to build our forever home. John was our project consultant; he was professional, skilled and knowledgeable. We hope to work with him again. We highly recommend HomeWrights!” Jeff Petty

Of course, the Petty family is happy to save $150,000 on their new custom home by participating in the Owner-Builder Program, but there’s more to it than saving money. Watch the brief interview with Jeff’s wife, Kate Petty who is also a full-time dentist and the primary manager on their custom building project.

Call the Petty’s Project Manager, John Gifford at HomeWrights Custom Homes to see how you can create equity fast and build the custom home of your dreams! Call John at: 303-756-8870.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Petty on our client comment page.

Jeff and Kate Petty

Owner-Builders - Denver, CO HomeWrights Custom Homes Client

Join the Best Custom Home Builders for 2022!

There is no home builder in Colorado or on this planet who is as demanding, clear, and passionate about what your luxury dream home is going to be as… you. Why not put yourself at the top of the Best Custom Home Builders’ List? HomeWrights Custom Homes empowers you to get exactly what you want at precisely the budget you desire for your dream home.

Please give us a call and we’ll help make your custom dream home a reality! Call: 303-756-8870

HomeWright Defined

HomeWright: noun,  home-wright | \ ‘ hom-, rit \ : 1: one who crafts fine homes from raw parts  2: a person skilled in home construction

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See what our clients say about the Owner-Builder Program and how it saves them money and gives them EXACTLY what they want. You’ll see the pros and cons, straight from our client’s mouths on our YouTube Channel.

Be The Builder!


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