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Custom Home Builders in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, and I-70 Mountain Corridor

Simply better! Custom home building is not simple but HomeWrights Custom Homes is simply a better way to get it done.

Custom Home Builder Choices

Quality and control. That’s what our clients expect. Choose us to manage the entire construction process with our Turnkey model. Or, choose us to help YOU manage the building process with our Owner-Builder model. Either process is structured, transparent, and as simple as custom home building can get. Either option gives you EXACTLY what you want in a custom home. Whether it’s a luxury home, a sustainably built “green home,” or any style or size custom home you can imagine, call HomeWrights right now to discover your options!

CHOICE 1: Owner-Builder Model

This model provides you the construction expertise, discounted suppliers, vetted subcontractors, proven systems and required paperwork needed to be the contractor. Simply cut out the middleman and eliminate the markup and fees most contractors charge and save the difference.

Don’t swing a hammer, just manage the process! Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before, we’ll assign one of our experienced Project Managers to guide you every step of the way.

CHOICE 2: Turnkey Model

With the Turnkey model our estimating and bookkeeping processes are open and transparent. Most contractors don’t share what they pay for materials or the details of their markups, but we do. You’ll know how your dollars are spent and what things actually cost.


Experience the HomeWrights difference: Quality, Control, and Flexibility

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Giving YOU Custom Home Choices for Over 20 Years! 

Over the last two decades, we’ve helped over 400 families build some amazing custom homes. From start to finish, we make building a custom home as simple and straightforward as possible. From a 1500 square foot starter home to a 12,000 square foot multi-generational home, we have the experience and resources it takes to build that dream home exactly the way you want!

Our clients appreciate the money saving opportunities we provide but just as important, they ALL want a quality home at the end of the process. And that’s exactly what they get with HomeWrights! 

Nobody gives you choices like HomeWrights Custom Homes. So, whether it’s our unique Owner-Builder model or our transparent Turnkey model, you will get exactly what you want at the budget you decide with HomeWrights!

We offer a vast array of construction options and rock-solid experience to our clients.  Call us to find out more (303) 756-8870 or drop us a note in the form above. 

“Now you can build an AFFORDABLE energy efficient home using ICFs or SIPs!” Bob Hinz

SUSTAINABLE BUILDING – HOW TO GET IT DONE! When Joe and and Leslie Beahm near Parker decided they wanted to build a home with ICFs (Insulating Concrete Forms) to get a well-insulated home that uses less energy for heating and cooling, they came to HomeWrights Custom Homes for direction.

The Beahms opted to build their multi-use RV, single car, shop, and living-space-garage first and then build their custom home at a later date on the same site. The Beahms used HomeWrights’ Owner-Builder process to help keep building costs low.

See their story and related videos we’ve produced on how ICFs, SIPs and Earth blocks make your home very energy efficient.

Join the Best Custom Home Builders for 2023!

There is no home builder in Colorado or on this planet who is as demanding, clear, and passionate about what your luxury dream home is going to be as… you. Why not put yourself at the top of the Best Custom Home Builders’ List? HomeWrights Custom Homes empowers you to get exactly what you want at precisely the budget you desire for your dream home.

Please give us a call and we’ll help make your custom dream home a reality! Call: 303-756-8870

HomeWright Defined

HomeWright: noun,  home-wright | \ ‘ hom-, rit \ : 1: one who crafts fine homes from raw parts  2: a person skilled in home construction

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See what our clients say about the Owner-Builder model and how it saves them money and gives them EXACTLY what they want. You’ll see the pros and cons, straight from our client’s mouths on our YouTube Channel.

We Give You Choices!


Serving Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo and I-70 Mountain Corridor areas. We’re happy to meet at your home, our office, or virtually.