REPEAT Custom Home Builder Chooses HomeWrights AGAIN

The best custom home builder is YOU! Watch HomeWrights’ repeat client Roman Nowakiwsky near Sloan Lake in Denver, explain the hard work and the benefits of being your own general contractor.

Roman is one of many people in Colorado who save a lot of money by taking charge of the building process available in the Owner-Builder Program. BUT they don’t do it alone. They hire HomeWrights Custom Homes to act as their coach, consultant and guide through the entire building process.


First-Time Custom Home Builder Chooses to Act as Own Contractor

Want the best custom home builder in Colorado Springs, Golden, Englewood, LakeView, Parker, Sedalia, Littleton, Loveland, Aurora, or anywhere in the Denver area? Look in the mirror! This amazing home was built as an Owner-Builder project with the help of HomeWrights Custom Homes.

It’s just south of Denver and MUCH less expensive than it looks! If you are thinking about building a custom home you MUST watch this to get the insider’s perspective on what it takes build a custom home on you own. See how David and Sharon Boddie have built the home of their dreams on 35 acres near Sedalia, Colorado.


Update part 3: DIY Custom Home Builder, Shares Tips on Being an Owner-Builder

Anyone can do it but is it right for you? Watch part 3 of this series to see how this Owner-Builder is managing his custom home building project to save a ton of cash AND get the home of his dreams. Bryan Fujimoto is a do-it-yourself kind of guy building near Colorado Springs. In this clip, he shares some wise advice on what it takes to be your own general contractor and save a couple hundred thousand in the process.

Every video we post is intended to teach you, the future custom home builder, what to look for and look out for when acting as your own general contractor. Whether you’re in Boulder, Loveland, Colorado Springs or anywhere in the Denver, Colorado area, HomeWrights shows you how to be the builder and create the home you’ve been dreaming of!

Denver Dentist Turned Custom Home Builder Update Shows You How to Be The Contractor and Save $150k!

Of course, you’d be happy to save $150,000 on your new custom home but what is that going to take? This Owner-Builder client of HomeWrights gives you the full tutorial on acting as your own general contractor anywhere in the Denver area. Kate Petty is a full-time dentist and said she was referred to HomeWrights by a traditional contractor who had no interest in doing as much “custom work” as she wanted.

If you want to FULLY understand the Owner-Builder Program, you’ll want to watch the 8-minute interview with the organized and energetic, first-time custom home builder! 

Working Mom – Mother of 3 Decides to Take Charge and Become the General Contractor!

When this mother of three, working mom decided she wanted to save a lot of money on a custom home, she became her own general contractor, with the help of HomeWrights Custom Homes! Now she’s doing it a second time! Along with her husband, Sheena is building a custom home for her parents.

Sheena: “So, at the end, you have a lot of equity in the home but I think that you feel a tremendous sense of pride for what you’ve done with the help of HomeWrights!”

Sheena’s building equity fast in this property by being the builder!

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