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The best way to start a custom built home project in the Denver area is with a simple conversation. Tell us what you want. Let us know what you’re trying to accomplish. Then, let us ask and answer questions so we can truly understand, as we help you understand, the scope of work required in building your new home in the Denver area.  Do you have specific questions? Check out our video FAQ page for answers.

An unrealistic estimate of construction costs can stress the job, pressure the workers, and create enormous anxiety for an owner and a new home builder. We follow market trends in Denver-area construction costs, and gather pricing intelligence on an ongoing basis, so we can provide our clients with a  good starting point for construction loans and overall project planning.   

Don’t Hire a Contractor – Be the Contractor

Whether you want us to manage everything with our Turnkey solution or you’re ready to be the general contractor, it all starts with a conversation. We’re happy to offer a Free Construction Cost Estimate as an early step in your planning process. If you have no drawings at all, we can provide “high altitude” estimating by comparing your project to the hundreds we’ve done. If you have drawings, or concepts on paper, we can provide a complete, line-item project estimate.   

There are of course hundreds of variables that will impact the final cost of new home construction. Soils, plan complexity, number of stories above ground and living space below ground, number of garage bays, are just to name a few. Our estimating process is extensive, thorough, and quite complete. It’s a great starting point to help you get started. Send us an email or just pick up the phone to see what the best approach is for you!

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