Be Your Own Custom Home Builder With The Owner-Builder Program

HomeWrights Custom Homes’s primary service, the Owner-Builder Program, consists of a proven building system/process as well as access to all the practical tools needed to help homeowners act as their own general contractor. This approach allows homeowners with little or no experience efficiently manage the construction of their new custom home home.

Watch this 7-minute video to meet some of the HomeWrights team and get a picture of how the HomeWrights Owner-Builder Program works.


The Owner-Builder Program Explained in 7 Minutes:

Best Home Builders in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and…

If you’re in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, or Pueblo, there’s a HomeWrights office near you! The HomeWrights Owner-Builder Program consists of on-site and digital assistance with all phases of planning and preparation for a client’s new custom home. Each Owner-Builder is assigned a dedicated Project Manager to guide and coach the homeowner to a completed home. Meet the team.

HomeWrights has helped more than 400 homeowners complete their custom homes since 2002. These homes would be described as modest to legacy homes, and range in price from $500,000 to $4,500,000. Anyone can act as their own general contractor, but now, you don’t have to do it alone! Don’t overpay for a luxury home. Yes, you can act as your own builder even on a luxury home!

How to Be Your Own General Contractor 

As an Owner-Builder you’ll have access to the proprietary HomeWrightsToolbox. This toolbox consists of documentation, filing systems, contractor and supplier search tools, scheduling tools and day-to-day management tools to keep each Owner-Builder client on track and on budget during their project.

One of the biggest challenges any new home builder face is finding qualified, dependable subcontractors. Without the HomeWrights Toolbox, finding subcontractors on a Google search is like rolling the dice. You never know what you’re going to get. HomeWrights Custom Homes has solved that problem.

Denver Mom Becomes Custom Home Builder With No Experience

Watch HomeWrights Custom Homes client, Chelsea Thomas in the video above to understand how the Owner-Builder Program saves you a fortune and give you the luxury custom home you want.

This Denver mom put in about 20 hours a week supervising the building of her own new custom home alongside a second home on the property (recently subdivided). She would have paid a contractor $100,000 to $200,000 MORE to build what she wanted so instead, she hired the consultants at HomeWrights Custom Homes to guide her and coach her as her own general contractor.

She’ll live in the new home and rent out the second house. It’s called a tandem property. She is maximizing the use of her land, reducing her monthly mortgage and growing her equity fast! 

Contact HomeWrights Custom Homes to learn how it works! 303-756-8870 Would you like to save $100k or more on your custom home?

Whether it’s real estate investment property, a custom home, or a luxury home, find out why we say – “Don’t hire a contractor. BE the contractor!”

We show you how to save thousands by being your own general contractor! Call us with any questions! 

Denver Dentist Becomes Denver Custom Home Builder 

In the Owner-Builder model, you will be the general contractor. Just like this full time successful dentist in Denver! Dr. Petty truly enjoyed the Owner-Builder process and built her forever home while working full time in her practice.  As your own general contrator you will be responsible for the project and all the final decisions. But you’re not alone! Watch this video and see how this Owner-Builder kept her career going AND built her dream home at the same time. 

HomeWrights is there to support you. We will coach you, guide you, and provide technical support but YOU have the final word and total control over all decisions about supplies, personnel, dollars, savings, timing, and quality. Watch a the videos on this page to get a realistic picture of how much effort is required and how much you can save! We also have tons of videos on our YouTube channel to help you get a clear understanding of the entire process. Questions? Just call us at 303-756-8870.

The Best Custom Home Builders Ever…

There are a lot of great traditonal general contractors out there but there are none as good as you! When you put your heart and soul into your custom home because YOU will be the one living there, somehow, things just turn out better!

Our Owner-Builder approach to creating the home of your dreams is going to save you a lot of money while giving you EXACTLY what you want in your dream home.

Zoning rules and permitting processes can be a confusing and challenging maze of questions and research. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. Managing a successful custom homebuilding project as an Owner-Builder requires planning, resources, and structure. Three things you’ll get with HomeWrights Custom Homes on day one! 

How We Help You Be Your Own General Contractor

Custom Home Building Planning – We’ll Guide You With… 

  • Finalizing your new home project estimate
  • Finding new construction financing
  • Completing new home plans
  • Conducting soils testing
  • Reviewing structural engineering
  • Navigating the new home building permit process in Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, Boulder and many other surrounding cities and counties (see our Service Areas page)
  • Managing your building project timeline to help you plan, prepare, and track progress

New Home Building Resources

  • HomeWrights’ suggested and vetted subcontractors are dependable, skilled workers
  • Our suppliers are committed to delivering best value
  • Our contracts and new home construction forms are designed to protect you, the new home builder
  • Our experienced team supports your project every step of the way
  • We’re there to help you solve problems on site or electronically. There are always challenges building a new home but we’ve seen most of them so we can help you with most any challenge!

Custom Home Building Structure

From bid reviews to writing contracts, from scheduling to quality control, our systems help you get the most home for your money. You will have all the tools at your fingertips to build like a pro.

Custom Home Financing

We don’t provide construction financing but we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you discover the resources needed to finance new construction in the Denver area. Learn more about construction loans on our FAQ page. 

We know what you’ll need to make a professional presentation to your lender and we’ve identified the lenders who like to do business with Owner-Builders. We’ve been around the block a few times on this one! Just ask!

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