Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for People That Want to Be Their Own Custom Home Builders. 


“I have no construction experience but I want to invest in real estate. How can the HomeWrights’s Owner-Builder Program help me make a good return on my investment?”

HomeWright’s Owner-Builder Program is the ultimate do-it-yourself program. In this video, Bob Hinz explains the basic principles of what is expected of you and what HomeWrights will do to support you in saving tens of thousands of dollars by cutting out the middleman. Whether it’s for a real estate investment or building your luxury dream home, the Owner-Builder Program makes the possibilities endless!


“What’s the difference between your Owner-Builder Program and your Turnkey custom home building program?”

Most of our clients have never built a custom home on their own. For some, it’s a job they’ll love for the next year or so. For others, it’s a bit too much. There are benefits both ways. This clip gives you a few things to consider when trying to decide between Turnkey or Owner-Builder.

“Is a construction loan the same as a mortgage?”

The short answer is no. You don’t normally go to your mortgage broker for a construction loan when you’re building a custom home. Going to the right place for construction loan will save you a lot of time and headache. See this clip for a quick review of the fundamentals.

“I already have a lot to build on. How can HomeWrights help me from here? What’s next?”

No matter where you are in the custom home building process, HomeWrights can help. This video clip is an interview with Bob Hinz after looking over a piece of bare land a client is considering buying. Watch and see the kind of support you will receive. 

“How do I find good subcontractors?”

Relax. When you choose the HomeWrights Owner-Builder Program you’ll be guided to some of the best, most reliable subcontractors in the Denver, Colorado area. And you still have a choice. You select who you want to work with or don’t want to work with. We just make it a lot easier!

“How much does HomeWrights markup the building materials?”

Zero. When you select our Owner-Builder Program, everything is very transparent. You’ll know exactly what prices you pay for materials and appliances and services because you”ll be paying those bills yourself. There is no middleman with this do-it-yourself system. There is no markup when YOU are the general contractor. Bob Hinz gives you an overview of how we eliminate the middleman in this short video. 

“Can I make money on a custom home by using the HomeWrights’ Owner-Builder Program?”

Obvious disclaimer here. We’re guiding you on building the best possible custom home money can buy, we’re not financial planners. That said, we have a lot of clients that find this approach very prosperous. When you cut out the traditional middleman and do the work yourself, you certainly can pocket the difference. And you’ll earn every penny of it. Here’s how Bob Hinz see it… 

“We’ve never built a new custom home before. How often will you be on the site? Can we call you? Text you?”

With our Owner-Builder program we’ll be on the job site as much as we need to be. You are the contractor, we’re your coach, consultant, and trouble shooter all the way through. You can call us, text us, email us or just talk to us on the site. We’re in your back pocket. If you are going to be your own general contractor, you don’t need to do it alone. Watch this clip and see how Bob explains it. 

“I’m an extremely organized person and I like to plan things out but I’ve never built a birdhouse let alone a custom home. Can I really do this?”

A good general contractor has strong organizational skills. Sounds like you’re half way there. The next thing is your communication skills. Can you be clear, respectful and when you need to be, be firm (and still respectful)?

Do you have a clear vision of what your dream home can be? If you can be thoughtful, respectful, planful, and willing to commit to having the home of your dreams, then you can be your own general contractor. But don’t do it alone. Put the HomeWrights team in your back pocket and we’ll be there with you every step of the way. By the way, even a nice birdhouse needs a plan.

“There are so many home builders in Denver. How do I decide who to hire? What makes HomeWrights Custom Homes different?  

There are semi-custom home builders, luxury home builders, and traditional custom home builders all over the Denver area. And there are plenty of good ones to choose from. Like any business decision, do your homework, check references, review their work and you’ll probably make a good decision. But at HomeWrights we see it this way: Don’t hire a contractor, be the contractor! There are no new home builders who will care as much about the quality of the work and the budget you have to live within, than you.

You need to have certain skills to build a custom home but you don’t need to know how to do everything to be a good general contractor. With HomeWrights, you have choices. We can do the turnkey custom home approach and build your new home just the way you like it while you go about your life or you can choose the Owner-Builder approach and let HomeWrights be your home-building partner. You become the general contractor and we become your resource, your coach, your experienced partner in the building process.

“We’re not sure we want to build a custom home because we have no idea how much more it will cost than a semi-custom or existing luxury home. How can we get an idea of what our dream home is really going to cost us?”

We’re happy to offer a Free Construction Cost Estimate as an early step in your planning process. Even if you have no drawings at all, we can provide “high altitude” estimating by comparing your project to the hundreds we’ve done.

But of course, if you have drawings, or concepts on paper, we can provide a more complete, line-item project estimate. There is no charge for our initial consultations and we highly suggest you talk with us as early in the process as possible. Not only can we help you save money, we can help you with your decision making process. Just call us! 

Don’t hire a contractor. Be the contractor!

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