By Denver Home Builder, Bob Hinz

What we pay for a custom home in Denver is directly related to the parts that go into it, the hands that build it, and the minds and hearts of the people involved. It’s a complicated equation with some of the variables very tangible, and some almost intangible.

The HomeWrights Custom Home building model is different in that we prefer to see our Denver clients put their money where it really produces the best product, namely: the minds and hearts of the people whose hands are putting together the parts. This is not to say that quality parts are not important, we simply mean to elevate the importance of the workmanship.

Since many of our clients manage their own construction projects, there’s never a doubt about the hearts and minds of the people in charge. Owner Builders are always 100 percent committed. Their hearts and minds are always there. 

If you compare two Denver custom homes, both built with the same parts, but one built by committed craftsmen who have a true working relationship with the homeowner, and one built by workers who are putting together the parts for a faceless future inhabitant (and a payday on Friday), your intuition should tell you which home will be better built.

The point is; it will always be very easy to find someone who’ll do a job real cheap, and it’s tempting to try to negotiate the “fluff” out of the higher bids. The trick is to find the balance…and to truly know the point at which the heart and mind have left the job, and all you’re paying for is parts and hands.

Really … is there any doubt about which house you’d rather live in?