See the Stories of Five Women in Construction!

Women have entered what has typically been known as the “man’s world” of construction in a big way! How? By participating in the Owner-Builder process at HomeWrights Custom Homes!

These Women Managed the Building of Their Family’s Custom Home

Nobody picked up a hammer or a saw, they just used their organization and communication skills to do what any good contractor would do – manage the building process effectively! None of these women went out to get a contractor’s license, they simply participated in the Owner-Builder process!

How Good Are These Women Contractors?

Are you as good as they are? Because they are really, really good! What does it take to be successful as an Owner-Builder?

  • Manage calendar – Check!
  • Manage finances – Check!
  • Manage subcontractors and make friends with them – Check!
  • Multitasking – piece of cake!

See some of their stories in these on-camera interviews. Then, call us to see how YOU can be an Owner-Builder and save a ton of money while building the home of your dreams! These women-turned-contractors also work full time as dentists, engineers, educators, and artists. The point is, they have little or no construction experience and often held down other full-time jobs and cared for their families while building their custom home. See what they have to say below…


Nadya is a first-time Owner-Builder. She started out doing it on her own and then realized how HomeWrights could coach, consult and guide her to make her plans move quicker and run smoother! AND… she discovered how to save a lot of money while working another job and taking care of her family.

Nadya has ZERO construction experience but she’s not doing it alone! She has HomeWrights Custom Homes there to guide her every step of the way. Watch her story.


Allee is a great graphic designer but she has never built anything like a new custom home. Yet by acting as her own general contractor to build her forever home, she’s converting those savings to a big chunk of equity, very fast!

See what it takes to grow your equity or just save a bunch of cash in this video overview of the Owner-Builder approach by HomeWrights Custom Homes!

If you’re good at managing the checkbook, keeping a calendar, and being an effective communicator then you’ll do well with the Owner-Builder process. Watch her story.


Lindsay loved the location of her home but she needed more room. She didn’t want to move so she called HomeWrights.

“I sing the praises of HomeWrights – regularly!” Watch Lindsay, first-time Owner-Builder, express her excitement about building her dream home by acting as her own contractor!

She’s popping the top on her current home and adding a second floor, new kitchen and turning it into her dream home. No construction experience required. Watch her story.


Chelsea is a new mom, putting in about 20 hours a week supervising the building of her own new custom home alongside a second home on the property (a recently subdivided lot).

She would have paid another contractor $100,000 to $200,000 MORE to build what she wanted so instead, she hired the consultants at HomeWrights Custom Homes to guide her and coach her as she acted as her own general contractor. She’ll live in the new home and rent out the second house.

What a great way to maximize the value of her property and have someone else help make the mortgage payment! It’s called a tandem property. Watch her story.


She said she was referred to HomeWrights by a traditional contractor who had no interest in doing as much “custom work” as she wanted. Dr. Kate explains the pros and cons of being your own contractor and how many hours she works as a dentist and how many hours she works as her own general contractor.

She’s very pleased with her HomeWrights experience and is thinking of doing it again! Watch her story.

Why HomeWrights Custom Homes? 

Every custom home is unique and HomeWright’s has a team of professional builders to partner with you as you build wealth for your future by acting as your own custom home builder.

Whether you’re taking advantage of our Owner-Builder process or our Turnkey approach to building your custom home, recognizing the importance of setting goals and having clear intentions will make that journey towards your dream home a lot smoother! 

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