By Project Manager, Jesse York

Setting goals is necessary to define and achieve your dreams. Setting intentions can make you more effective in achieving those goals.

When I first learned to ride a bike, my goal was to stay on the bike, try not crash and not get hurt. I did not start off riding my bike “hands free”, but my intentions were to practice so I could ride my bike with no hands. Gradually my goals were set higher and higher to the point of being reckless! Like most kids, I had quite a few spills and cuts and scrapes, but I kept setting intentions each day to get back on that bike and kept practicing to reach that goal again and again.

So what does this have to do with building a custom house?

While discussing specific goals with my clients about building their dream home, I always emphasize our goal of keeping the schedule on track by extending our “time horizon” for the overall project. The time horizon in construction is simply recognizing the timing of labor, specialty materials, and supplies. One specific example of this is the window and door order which may take 6-8 weeks from confirmation, to the time it is delivered to the site.

If we have not intentionally planned out the timing for the foundation and framing work and how those align with delivery of windows and doors, we may have several weeks of delay because the order was not placed at the right time. The effect of this will wreak unnecessary havoc on the momentum of the project and will add unnecessary costs as well.

Jesse York with custom home builder in Denver

Project Coordinator, Jesse York (L) with Owner-Builder client.

“Sure, that’s easy for you to say Jesse! You have years of construction experience…”

You might be thinking, “Sure, that’s easy for you to say Jesse! You have years of construction experience and a great team of subcontractors you work with all the time. Planning a realistic ‘time horizon’ comes naturally to you.” Well, that is true. We have a ton of experience and great subcontractors but the point of sharing this, is that YOU can take advantage of our experience. If you can simultaneously manage your expectations AND be a bit of a visionary, you can build the home of your dreams.

The reality is, in the world of construction, things rarely go according to plan because of factors that are mostly out of our control. When you act as the Owner-Builder your best bet is to simply be organized and be consistent. A simple enough concept but, given the amount of distractions in our daily lives, it is critical to stay organized and consistent from the beginning of your project.

Knowing your plans and making decisions early on about things that may not be delivered and installed in the house for months may seem premature however, the payoff is immense. When the tradesman knows all the dimensions and specifications of the items they will be setting or installing, they will provide a more precise cost estimate for the work. If the full details are not determined before bids are requested, then expect cost estimates to increase by a minimum of 10-15%.

Details matter.

Timing is important.

Remember, by definition, a “custom home” is a home that has never been built before. Everything is new and everything is subject to change. The most successful of our Owner-Builder clients are the ones that plan well, stay organized, work hard to get along well with all the subs, and have a positive attitude while remaining curious and flexible!

You didn’t learn to ride a bike by reading a book and you don’t get to ride “hands free” on that thing until you have some practice. There are similarities between learning to ride a bike and building a custom home. So set those intentions, adjust the seat, hold on tight and start peddling.

Want to learn how to build your own custom home? Call Jesse York. Want to learn to ride a bike? Well, you’re on your own there!

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Every custom home is unique and HomeWright’s has a team of professional builders to partner with you as you build wealth for your future by acting as your own custom home builder.

Whether you’re taking advantage of our Owner-Builder program or our Turnkey approach to building your custom home, recognizing the importance of setting goals and having clear intentions will make that journey towards your dream home a lot smoother! 

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