Let’s clear up a few MISCONCEPTIONS about custom home building in the Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas!

custom home misconceptions 1#1.  HomeWrights Custom Homes is Just Like Every Other Custom Home Builder in Colorado.

This one is easily cleared up when you see the comments of everyday people, acting as their own contractors and without construction experience, tell their story of how we’ve helped them save a fortune while building the home of their dreams!


custom home misconceptions 2#2. You Really Need Construction Experience to be Your Own Builder.

Of course we understand why some people may have this misconception because you certainly would not want to build a custom home on your own without any experience or significant input from an experienced construction professional. That’s why every Owner-Builder HomeWrights works with is assigned a very experienced Project Manager to guide and coach you from foundation to roof!


custom home misconceptions 3#3. Lumber Prices Are Way Too High so it’s a Just Poor Time to Think About Building.

This misconception turns to sawdust once you understand that the reality is, lumber costs on a custom home are simply a portion of the total cost. Lumber prices are smoothing out and trending down right now. So, don’t listen to rumors, get the actual facts. Please call us in Colorado Springs, Boulder, or Denver!

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Don’t hire a contractor. BE the contractor!

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The video below features a working mother, dentist three days a week and Owner-Builder two days a week. Learn how she intends to save $150,000 or more by acting as her own general contractor! 

Why HomeWrights Custom Homes? 

Every custom home is unique and HomeWright’s has a team of professional builders to partner with you as you build wealth for your future by acting as your own custom home builder.

Whether you’re taking advantage of our Owner-Builder program or our Turnkey approach to building your custom home, recognizing the importance of setting goals and having clear intentions will make that journey towards your dream home a lot smoother! 

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