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In 2017, National Geographic published the Blue Zones of Happiness and placed Boulder, Colorado at the very top of the list! The city of Boulder is the hub of Boulder County but the entire county is rich with the natural beauty that makes this a high demand living area.

The combination of access to nature, healthy and active residents, hiking, biking, and a true sense of community make living here a joy. And, it makes building your forever home in this place of natural beauty, very attractive!

Boulder County Owner-Builders

HomeWrights has been helping clients build custom homes in Boulder County for many years. It’s not a surprise that building in this high-demand area comes with a high price tag. That’s one of the reasons HomeWrights’ Owner-Builder Program is also in high demand.

To help keep custom home building costs under control many Boulder residents find they can save $100,000 to $200,000 or more by acting as their own general contractor with the coaching, guidance, and resources of HomeWrights Custom Homes.


Boulder County Permitting Process

Boulder County has it’s own unique building challenges and that’s where the HomeWrights team comes in. We’re able to help you through the complex planning and permitting stage in an area where building codes and local requirements can sometimes seem quite daunting.

HomeWrights respects and understands the importance of the permitting process and can help Owner-Builders navigate the complexities as they begin building their dream home!

Boulder Builders Love Saving Money But…

Over the last three decades, we’ve learned that our clients always appreciate the opportunity to save large amounts of money when building their dream home. Yet, the real driving force behind the Owner-Builder Program is the fact that, home owners turned home builders, get to be in full control of the building process, the quality of the materials used and the choices that come with custom home building.

In other words, our clients LIKE saving money but they LOVE getting EXACTLY what they want in their new custom home! Call HomeWrights today to learn how we can help anyone in the Boulder County area build the home of their dreams.

Custom Home Building Choices

At HomeWrights, we give you choices. Our popular Owner-Builder Program requires your time but just about anyone with good communication and project management skills can benefit greatly from this unique custom home building approach. If saving money and having control is important to you, then this is the program to consider.

For those with little time and a clear vision of what they want in their custom home, we offer the Turnkey Program. In this approach we do all the heavy lifting and you turn the key and walk in when it’s finished. Learn more about both of these programs by giving us a call.

Boulder County is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Colorado! It’s an amazing building location for those looking for a unique community, an outdoor lifestyle, and an appreciation for the natural beauty of this entire area.

Learn more by talking with our Boulder County Project Manager, Gary Wood. Call him to learn more about the Owner-Builder program at 303-756-8870 or send us an email.

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