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Custom home builders in Colorado SpringAnywhere in the Colorado Springs / Pueblo area, you can be your own general contractor and we’ll be your resource, your coach, your experienced partner in the building process.

Do-it-Yourself home building does not mean do-it-alone home building. And, you don’t have to be good with a hammer and saw to build your own!

Learn more about our Owner-Builder Program.

Colorado Springs sits at an elevation of 6,035 feet at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. It lies near the beautiful glacier-carved Pikes Peak, the stunning Garden of the Gods park and endless natural beauty! What a great place to build your own custom home!

BUT! HomeWrights gives you choices! You can save a ton of cash by being your OWN contractor but if you don’t have time or interest in that approach, ask about the very transparent HomeWrights Turnkey Program – we’ll build everything from start to finish and you just turn the key and move in!

Let our Colorado Springs Project Managers, Dale Quye or Bryan Fujimoto coach you and guide you as you act as the general contractor and call all the shots. Call our Colorado Springs office to learn more about the Owner-Builder program at 719-344-8125 or send us an email. Watch some of the videos on this page to see how our Owner-Builder Program works in the Colorado Springs area.

Colorado Springs – Do-it-Yourselfer Loves Owner-Builder Program

Watch Bryan Fujimoto in this informative video describe his experience of acting as his own general contractor in the Colorado Springs area. He built his custom home in Monument, CO with the help of HomeWrights Custom Homes. Learn the pros and cons of being your own contractor.

Mr. Fujimoto explains that the only way he could really afford the home of his dreams is to be his own contractor and save $150-$200k. In fact, Bryan had such a great experience he joined the HomeWrights team to serve his neighbors in the Colorado Springs area!

Dale Quye – Your Colorado Springs Owner-Builder Consultant

Colorado Springs residents can now act as their own general contractor and build their own custom home – with a little help from  our Colorado Springs Project Manager, Dale Quye. Get to know him in this video as he explains how the Owner-Builder Program works. Call him at 719-344-8125 or send us an email. Anywhere in the Colorado Springs area, you become the general contractor and we become your resource, your coach, your experienced partner in the building process.

What to Expect When Being Your Own Contractor?

Watch this “Truck Talk” video with consultant and project manager, Dale Quye of HomeWrights Custom Homes. We hopped in his truck one day and followed him around to see what he knows about custom home building. Dale will tell you how to SAVE $50k, $150k, $250k in this interview. Here’s another big question of the universe: Why do subcontractors keep so many jobs open when they should be working exclusively on yours? You’ll hear the answer from Dale Quye in this clip.

You’ll hear the custom home financing basics and much more! There is no custom home builder in Colorado or on this planet who is as demanding, clear, and passionate about what your dream luxury home is going to be as… you. Put yourself at the top of the Best Custom Home Builders’ List in the Colorado Springs area.

With decades of new home building experience and extensive knowledge of the unique challenges and opportunities of building new custom homes in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, HomeWrights Custom Homes empowers you to get exactly what you want at precisely the budget you desire for your dream home.

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