Custom Home Builders in Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo AND I-70 Mountain Corridor: Consider Sustainable Home Building Options

Do you have a green custom home design in mind? Are you interested in helping yourself to save money while helping all of us save the environment? There are many ways to make your Colorado custom-built home energy efficient and green! The real question is: Which ones really make sense? You’ll find helpful info and educational videos on this page. Look it all over and call HomeWrights Custom Homes to make your next home green and energy efficient!

In the video below, learn even more innovative options you didn’t even know existed for your new custom home! Radiant heat, hydronic tubing, Warmboard, rain screens, mechanical ventilation systems, and other clever technologies to make your custom home energy efficient and more than comfortable! From fluid-filled sub-flooring to very unique outdoor decking systems, Justin Geissler explains some of the innovations in this gorgeous custom home near Denver, Colorado.

True energy efficiency must meet two goals; prudent use of natural resources, and prudent use of your hard earned money. We can help you figure out which methods and materials deliver the environmental benefit and return on investment you are looking for.

Whether you choose sustainable home building for energy efficiency, lower impact to the planet, or better health, HomeWrights Custom Homes has the experience and expertise to guide you as you make decisions about best implementation of sustainable construction methods and the environmentally friendly materials for you, your project, and your lot.

In the video clip below, learn about SIP = Structural Insulation Panel. Learn what it costs and if it makes sense for you to build your custom home with this innovative, energy efficient approach in Denver. Learn how HomeWrights Custom Homes can help you build your home in an energy efficient manner.

Building green has many components. In this clip, learn what Green Building means to builders in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, and Pueblo areas. Learn what Net Zero building is. And, learn how SIP components can give you that extra strength and insulation you need in Colorado. Call HomeWrights Custom Homes to learn more about energy efficient and sustainable building.

Green Building – Energy Efficient – Sustainable Homes in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo

While sustainable home building is not yet an exact science, there are now distinct classifications and certifications for home construction. Should you choose to pursue an official energy efficiency rating such as Green Certification or LEED Certification, HomeWrights Custom Homes can help you determine appropriate resources and methods to achieve that result with your new green home.

Our extensive experience enables us to help clients sort through the various new methods and tried and true sustainable building options.

HomeWrights Custom Homes Helps You Build Green and Energy Efficient With:

  • Window and door choices and the vast number of options related to frame material, sash and frame construction, glass choices, and even window style and how it impacts energy efficiency
  • Evaluation of advanced framing techniques, or framing alternatives such as Structural Insulated Panels (SIP Construction)
  • Geo-Exchange (aka Geothermal) as an energy source for heating and cooling
  • Photo-Voltaic (solar-electric) energy design and implementation (or, preparation and planning for future add on of solar panels)
  • Solar-thermal energy planning and implementation – using sunlight to provide the energy for heating water used for domestic consumption, or home heating needs
  • Indoor air pollution, and the need for Heat Recovery or Energy Recovery Ventilation for super tight modern construction
  • Insulating, sealing, and ventilating the home to create an energy tight, but not air tight environment
  • Insulation options – inside the shell, outside the shell, and under the shell – what makes the most sense and what delivers the best comfort and most bang-for-the-buck
  • Hydronic (radiant) in floor heating, versus baseboard, versus forced air – effectiveness and efficiency of each
  • Traditional Air Conditioning versus evaporative cooling, versus whole house ventilation, versus planned convective cooling

In short – we’ve seen and done MOST of what modern building science considers new, but we’re smart enough to recognize that energy isolation and generation is a constantly moving target. We also understand the unique challenges of custom home building in the Denver area. And if you want to build green, then call our team. We’ll guide you, coach you, and help you build the green home of your dreams!

See our checklist of green building and sustainable building materials in this blog post: 

Green Home Design With Sustainable Building Materials 

If you have specific questions about our transparent Turnkey Program or our Owner-Builder approach, check out our video FAQ page for answers.

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