Savvy Real Estate Investor Uses Turnkey Program

In this video, see how this savvy real estate investor uses the HomeWrights Custom Homes’ Turnkey Program to make his Denver real estate investments pay off. BUT! You don’t have to be a seasoned real estate investor to know that both quality and keeping costs low are critical to creating a strong return on your investment.

In this quick clip, Clint Fisch talks about his real estate strategy and how HomeWrights Custom Homes will help maximize his return on investment. HomeWrights has built hundreds of custom homes in the Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder areas over the past two decades.

The Owner-Builder program takes time and commitment and if that’s not right for you, do what Clint Fisch did and just have HomeWrights do it all with the Turnkey Program.

Denver Real Estate Investors Wanted: Build it. Sell it. Profit.

Learn how to MAXIMIZE your building lot in the video above! You really don’t need to be an experienced real estate investor to make money in Denver real estate. Whether you choose to have HomeWrights Custom Homes build a new home as a Turnkey project or you have HomeWrights Custom Homes guide you as an Owner-Builder, consider that many of our Denver area clients have found home building to be a fruitful tool for the real estate professional or anyone just starting out with the passion and energy to be their own general contractor. 

Our Owner-Builder clients from Boulder to Colorado Springs and everywhere in between have found that the equity that comes with acting as their own builder or general contractor can sometimes result in substantial returns. Check out the following scenario… Project Manager, Justin Geissler explains how this client hired HomeWrights to consult on the development of this unique narrow lot in Denver to maximize the returns. This is a beautiful home features a separate Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). That additional apartment/garage is going to make the payments on this property much lower than you might expect! 

Real Estate Investors Listen to Real Estate Appraisers

Here’s the interesting thing. Lest, we repeat ourselves, you really don’t need to be an experienced real estate investor to make money in real estate. Investors typically pay close attention to what real estate appraisers have to say, so you might want to see what this appraiser turned Owner-Builder has to say in the video below. Then pick up the phone and see if you’re ready to be Colorado’s next “Best Custom Home Builder of 2021!”

Be Your Own Denver General Contractor/Real Estate Investor

When you act as your own Denver area general contractor you have the opportunity to save substantial amounts of money. You get to decide  the quality level AND…  your ROI may be significant!  Of course, you know every situation is different and there are no guarantees in the real estate world so do your homework. But many of our clients enjoy the benefits of instant equity when they cut out the middleman.

If you want to be your own general contractor AND a successful investor, you might start by seeing what others have done. Watch the videos on this page and give us a call with any questions. 

Denver Custom Homes are Unique

Every custom home building project is unique of course, and nothing replaces the sound advice of a competent financial professional when considering the investment opportunity of a custom built home in the Denver area’s hot real estate market.

Several of our clients will attest to the fact that their strong management skills, wise choices and sweat equity, combined with HomeWrights Custom Homes coaching, guidance, practical knowledge, trusted resources and proven systems, helped them to build a beautiful, sellable, and profitable real estate investment. 

Want to be your own custom home builder? Ready to put on your general contractor hat? Ready to become a real estate investor? Or would you rather relax and have us do it all? You have options with HomeWrights Custom Homes. 

The Denver-area, HomeWrights clients on this page have figured out how to make the absolute best use of their skills and our expertise and resources to save and make money. Please watch the videos on this page and give us a call at 303-756-8870.


Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs – Preferred Owner-Builder Consultants

You can call us at any stage of your home-building process. If all you have is a new home concept, call us. If you have are plans but not sure who to hire as your general contractor, call us. If you have plans, broke ground and see challenges ahead, call us. As your Owner-Builder consultant, we can help you at any time. If you are a real estate investor, you have the option of our Turnkey Program or our Owner-Builder Program

New Home Construction and Real Estate Investing

If you’re a real estate investor or would like to be a real estate investor, understanding how our Owner-Builder program can give you the profit margin you need is the first step to wealth building.

Being the contractor is not rocket science but it is complex and requires certain skills. BUT you do not have to be a construction expert or have to swing a hammer to make it work. Custom home building requires a serious investment of time and if you’ve never done it before, you’ll need help. That’s where we come in. 

At HomeWrights Custom Homes, we will be your home-building partner. We’ll work with you to establish your plans, walk you through the permitting process, guide you to the best subcontractors, and help you stick to a plan and a budget.

Many of our clients save 10s or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by managing the building process themselves. Please watch our video testimonials. These are not scripted. These are from-the-heart comments from clients who have done the work and see us as their home building partner. If you’re thinking of building your own custom home for your personal residence, a rental property or a property you can list and sell, we can help.

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