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Denver Construction Experts Explain What Owner-Builder Means

If you ever wondered how to save $100k or more on a custom built home, listen to the two Denver-area construction experts (below) from HomeWrights Custom Homes. They explain how their Owner-Builder Program allows you full control of your new home construction so that you get the home you want at the quality you expect and put a big chunk of change in your pocket! This is the ultimate DIY project!

Even though this might be a do-it-yourself project it doesn’t have to be a do-it-alone project. Let HomeWrights be your building partner! Just about anyone can be their own general contractor, with a little help from HomeWrights. Watch the video below to learn more or check out our Video Comments Page Here. 

Denver Custom Home Builders – Why We’re Unique!

We help people build custom homes. And, experience counts! We’ve helped more than 300 families in the Denver area create beautiful, one-of-a-kind homes in urban, suburban, and rural settings for more than 16 years. Few, if any, custom home builders can match our breadth of experience and our knowledge of different building techniques, material sources, locations, neighborhoods, and building departments.

We Give Denver Custom Home Builders Choices

If you’d like to manage your own custom home building project, our Owner-Builder process might be right for you. By acting as the general contractor, our clients save tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars on new homes, “pop tops,” or major remodel projects. They’re actively managing the project with HomeWrights Custom Homes as their personal, professional guide.

Alternatively, if you want a superb, professionally built custom home, we’re a perfect choice. Our Turnkey Home Building service creates a top-quality, personalized custom home just for you. Give us the particulars, we’ll handle all the details and hand you the keys to your new dream home upon completion.

DIY or Denver Design Build – Learn Your New Home Options

Tell us what you want. How you want to build it. Where you want to build custom home. What type of home. Which energy features are important to you. Share your custom home vision and we’ll show you the options to fit your budget and lifestyle. See our Service Area page to see if we build residential homes in your community!

Near Boulder, Colorado, This Owner-Builder Tells it Like it is!

Denver General Contractors Have Nothing on You

We hate to be a broken record but we understand why it might be hard to get your head around this concept. “Don’t hire a general contractor, be the general contractor!” We can build you a brand new custom home anywhere in the Denver area with our Turnkey Program or we can coach you, guide you and support you to be your own general contractor with our Owner-Builder Program.

You’ll be happy either way but we’d like to challenge you to find out what it really takes to build equity fast, get the custom home you really want and to take charge of the new home building process.

Yes, it’s a lot of work but based on 16 years of experience, we know more people than you might think are capable of being their own general contractor! It’s like having a part time job for a while but it certainly pays much better than most part time jobs, at least in terms of equity earned!

“Just see us as your building partner.”

Even though acting as your own general contractor might seem a bit intimidating, remember, a do-it-yourself custom home doesn’t mean it’s a do-it-alone custom home. HomeWrights will be there every step of the way. Just see us as your building partner.

There’s no obligation to schedule a time to chat. Bring us your vision and we’ll show you how to get there for a lot less money than you think!

Learn more about being your own general contractor with a simple phone call! Call: (303) 756-8870.

Call with any questions: 303-756-8870

We have representatives in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo, and I-70- Mountain Corridor areas.

We’re happy to meet at your home, our office, or virtually.

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